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Aspesi for woman

Originally established as a men’s shirt brand by Lombard Alberto Aspesi back in 1969, this eponymous brand expanded towards the end of the 70s with the launch of their first-ever line of womenswear. This venture into women’s clothing was carried out while still respecting the brand’s core values. Aspesi clothing and accessories can be found at over 600 points of sale across the entire globe, a success that is owed to their strong ethos of prioritizing beautiful yet wearable elegance at both the design and production stages. With a focus on beautiful, high-quality materials, this Italian brand creates minimalist and sophisticated staple pieces that will be reached for time and time again. These timeless pieces include trousers, two-piece suits, skirts, sweaters, coats, jackets, and, of course, shirts. A selection of clothing that can be combined effortlessly with pieces from the same brand as well as pieces from other designers.

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