Roberto Malizia

Don't call him an Influencer. Roberto Malizia is a Fashion Consultant, with more than 50K Instagram followers. How can you recognize him? Easy, from his style and tattoos, with more than two hundred on his body, and that’s excluding his head and face. For TheCornerZine, Roberto told us all about how his career began and his travels. Find out all the details here!

You have a truly unique style. If you had to define it with only three adjectives, what would they be?

I’d define it as rude, transitional and dynamic.

Roberto Malizia

Once you’ve tattooed sixty percent of your body, the face arrives sooner or later. I live in fashion and only in fashion can I work. Fortunately, it's one of the few fields without prejudice.

What's the one garment and accessory that can't be missing from your wardrobe?

The garment would be a bespoke three-piece suit by John Wick, while the accessories would be my rings and sunglasses.

You’re an editor, influencer, model, stylist and content creator, but what's the profession you feel is best suited for you? As a child, was this world all you dreamt about?

At the moment, I like the profession of editor. I've never called myself an influencer, it's a word I can't stand. When I work with a brand, I help them to create digital content, using my modeling, my platform and most importantly my taste. It’s a ‘give and take’ relationship. The word ‘influencer’, in my opinion, has been ruined by too many kids whose goal was to just get free clothes. Fashion, even if in different phases, has always been inside me, but having never studied it, I never had a dream job, it all happened by chance , and really all too quickly.

How many tattoos do you have? What’s the one you're most fond of? Do you have a funny anecdote about one of them?

I have about 200! I have ‘Made in Rome’ on my knuckles, as a symbol of pride from where I come from, aware of the fact that I’d no longer live there. My tattoo artist is Neapolitan and speaks five languages, but he can't write any of them very well. For this reason, I have several mistakes on my body, but it’s better not to mention them!

Can you tell us your typical day? If you have one.

Six months ago, I left Australia with my wife, and we started traveling non-stop to find our new base. Meanwhile, I continued to work for Icon and social media. So, I’d say my typical day doesn’t exist. Each day is very different.

Staying on the topic of tattoos, for many people deciding to get their face and head tattooed is a challenging step. How did you get there? Why did you decide to do that part of your body?

Once you’ve tattooed sixty percent of your body, the face arrives sooner or later. I live in fashion and only in fashion can I work. Fortunately, it's one of the few fields without prejudice. I’ve never asked existential questions about it, it all happened very naturally.

Have you ever regretted one of your tattoos?


From Rome to Australia, traveling for Fashion Weeks around the world. What's the city where you are really well and where you really enjoyed yourself and you’ll most likely go back to?

Surely London, even with the weather not being exactly the best! I moved there a little while ago, , I’m definitely a meteoropathic person, so I hope I won’t go crazy!

In a recent survey, 75% of young people, mainly in Italy, dream of becoming an influencer. You’re one of the major influencers in terms of men's style today. What’s the best advice you can give to a young person who wants to engage in your own career?

Today, the market is oversaturated. You really have to be creative if you want to stand out from the crowd. My advice? Study, do your research, find your style and make it perfect in your own way. Create something worth looking at and reading.

Among your various commitments you’re also the street style editor of an important men's magazine. Is there an influencer or editor you particularly appreciate style-wise? Do you have a style icon?

The best day of my career was when I had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Wooster for Icon. I couldn't believe it, we were twenty inches away from each other and drinking coffee.

What trend would you recommend for Fall-Winter 2019/20 to the readers of

Vintage style is always the best choice! pleated, high-waist trousers, suede belt with silver details and, finally, white socks with loafers.

What's your relationship with social media? Have you ever had to deal with cyberbullies or received criticism on posts? What advice can you give to young people who are facing this ugly reality?

To tell you the truth, I’ve never had any haters, but the advice I can give is to respond with a laugh. There’s so much malice around, but the wickedness must be fought with positive energy and lightness. These cyberbullies have nothing to do, it's all pent-up boredom.

Any plans for the future?

To settle down in London, and establish myself in Europe.