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Mother of Pearl, for a sustainable fashion that knows no limits nor compromises

Discover the story of Amy Powney, the young mum, designer and sustainability advocate behind the Mother of Pearl collections.

The story of Amy Powney, creative director of sustainable eco-friendly brand Mother of Pearl, is proof that in the end hard work pays off. In just 13 years, Amy has in fact gone from sweeping the floor of the cutting room at Mother of Pearl to guiding, with her creative vision, this small big label of green luxury. In 2017, after winning the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund prize, Amy presented ‘No Frills’, the first 100% sustainable collection by Mother of Pearl, and shifted the focus of the brand, in order to put our planet and its inhabitants first. Since then Amy has never stopped, and she’s turned her passion for sustainability into a proper mission, even introducing the possibility to rent the British brand’s clothes.

Mother of Pearl, for a sustainable fashion that knows no limits nor compromises

The world of Mother of Pearl, the brand that’s made sustainability its mission, awaits you here

Why is Mother of Pearl a sustainable brand?

At the core of the brand is using upcycled fabrics and innovative sustainable materials in every collection of clothing and accessories. Vowing and holding themselves accountable in doing so this past year beginning what they refer to as GANNI 3.0 - focus on becoming a better and more responsible version of themselves across all social and environmental aspects of the company. Giving you full transparency and access to see for yourself through their main Instagram account and GANNI LAB.

What do you contribute to when you buy a Mother of Pearl item of clothing?

Mother of Pearl fights for the safeguard of the environment and all the animals. In that regard, the British brand has collaborated with BBC Earth on the making of a short film, that aims to promote a responsible behaviour through small measures anyone can adopt to make a big difference.

Perhaps not everyone knows that...

Designer Amy Powney and top model Arizona Muse are close friends, and they exchange their kids’ clothes and toys, promoting the concept of ‘circularity’.