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Catherine Poulain

At the registry office, Catherine Poulain, but everyone knows her as ‘Official Cat’. Her Instagram profile counts more than 350K followers and she’s one of the most loved and contended influencers by clients and such. Between one trip and another, she found time to devote herself to a really fun and original interview with TheCornerZine! Find it out here!

Today you’re one of the most successful web influencers, but what did you want to become when you were little? And do you still have unrealized dreams?

As a child, I always dreamed of being a singer. I still carry this desire with me, even though I’m aware that, to do it professionally, I should engage, study and train.

Catherine Poulain

My look is dark and rock'n'roll! Surely, a leather jacket, a pair of black trousers and some studs here and there can't be missing from my wardrobe!

In all your shots on social media, we can find different styles and, of course, thousands of beautiful outfits, but what's the look that best represents your personality?

My look is dark and rock'n'roll! Surely, a leather jacket, a pair of black trousers and some studs here and there can't be missing from my wardrobe!

What advice would you give to girls who want to become influencers? When was the day you realized: “Ok, I’m an influencer’?

As the story with most artists goes, I drew incessantly from the time I could pick up a crayon. I would go through paper at a ridiculous rate and, when it ran out, I’d draw on the backs, cut them up, make collages and so on! That said, I truly fell in love with the world of art when I was, maybe, 13 or 14 years old. I devoured every art book at my local library and would take the train to London in order to see as many exhibitions as possible, I just couldn’t get enough!

Briefly paint me a picture of your artistic journey.

My advice is always the same: work your way up the ladder! Unfortunately, today it’s all fast, instantaneous and fame can come when you least expect it. For this reason, we must study and be prepared for everything. The day I realized I was an influencer? Maybe, during a collaboration with a beauty brand that sold out the product I had used on social networks in just a few hours!

One day you're in Paris, the next day in Dubai and the next week…who knows! Do you like to travel? What’s the most beautiful place you’ve visited? And where is it that you’d like to visit next?

I love to travel! It's the most beautiful thing in the world! Two territories that I loved were Cappadocia and Jamaica! But my dream is to visit Burma.

You speak 5 languages. Where did you learn them? What’s the one you like the most?

I have a degree in International Relations and Diplomacy and learned them during high school and university. I really like French, I find it sweet and romantic.

What’s your look like when you travel? Do you have tips for traveling in an outfit that’s comfortable but always cool?

I travel super comfortably. I'm always on planes and trains, so I have to use functional outfits. Fashionable suits, sneakers and I’m ready to go!

You also have an important career as a model. Is there an episode that you remember with pleasure or one that makes you feel particularly entertained?

I’ve been a model for many years, more than 10. The anecdotes are so many and also the satisfactions taken! I remember with pleasure the first posters and the first advertisements on the magazines. It seemed incredible!

Lately, we’ve been talking seriously about #ClimateChange and and the safeguard of our planet. What do you think about environmental movements? Do you adopt a more sustainable approach?

I'm really scared of climate change. I was in London a month ago and there were 25 degrees, last week I was in Dubai and it was raining. The world is changing and it should terrify us, but unfortunately the movements on climate change are still very few.

Do you have other passions besides fashion? Artworks, films, recent readings or what do you feel to recommend?

Music is my greatest passion. Going to concerts and listening to records or vinyls are my favourite things to do. I also love going to the movies or watching TV series, but unfortunately I have less and less time for that.

What’s your relationship with social media? Benefits and defects? Have you ever had to run into Cyberbully? How did you react?

My relationship with social media is a "love/hate". Fortunately, I don't think it's an addiction, but I think that social media has really challenged the true values of life and relationships. Everything is accessible via social media and people no longer fight to achieve the things they care about, so much you can have everything online. I faced bullying both real and virtual, at the time I reacted very badly, now I think I would react differently.

As a respectable model, you have a perfect body. How do you stay in shape? What kind of diet or sports do you do? What advice would you give for a healthy and balanced life?

TMy life, if I have to be honest, isn’t so healthy nor so balanced. It's true, I play sports by going to the gym three times a week, but I sleep little, to my greatest regret, and I don't eat so healthy. But on eating I manage to juggle: if one day I break up, surely the next day I'll be more careful!

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