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Special Project

May your holidays be magical...indeed, phenomenal!

How was your 2020? Certainly, not the best year of our life. There's been lots of worries and facts that've totally changed our way of living and relating to others. We had to learn how to live a life that we never would've imagined: social distancing, masks, fewer contacts, attention to everything you touch or come into contact with. Not to give up on the magic of the holiday season, this year we at want you to be able to "switch off" for five minutes and escape into a fantastic, lighthearted and decidedly phenomenal world. Experience the holidays as a moment of escape into a virtual reality, made of glittery looks, Tik Tok hits and lots of magic. Our dearest wish? May your holidays be magical...indeed, PHENOMENAL.

Magic Silver

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a dress, a top or a bag, as long as it’s silver! In fact, in the closet for this holiday season, we’re giving silver first place. After all, it's the super trendy colour that immediately gives us party vibes. We've seen it walking down the catwalks in so many different ways and all we want to do is show it off during this period. The holidays are approaching and a head-to-toe metallic outfit is perfect, ready to spark and even cooler when combined with matching makeup. Silver is the perfect colour for an evening look, but we also love it when worn casually during the day: the silver mood will always make us shine magically.

La ricerca del cappotto per il tuo inverno parte da qui

This year like never before, the cold season has arrived, bringing with itself the will to escape from reality, enter a fantastic world and, at the same time, embrace the spirit of the holidays. So, in order to face Autumn-Winter 2020/21 with the right mood and energy, we suggest choosing a classic winter coat, but still with an eccentric touch. In fact, for all those who don’t mean to give up on living the holiday season in the best way possible, a piece of outerwear as original as practical and versatile is the ideal choice. This year, wear a winter coat with which you can make sure that, in spite of everything, these holidays are truly phenomenal!

White like snow, beige like champagne

Yes, that’s right. This Autumn-Winter, the colours you should play with are white and beige. After all, it’s an ideal combination for both your everyday and holiday looks. More so, being neutral colours, white and beige make for a blank canvas, on which you can paint, and by doing so, express your desires, emotions and fantasies. In this regard, this year the will to break out of the daily reality and embrace the spirit of the winter holidays is strong like never before, and a look in hues of white and beige looks like the perfect escape companion. What’re you waiting for? Dress in white and beige, and prepare yourself for a phenomenal holiday season right now!

Total white? It’s a yes from us!

The total white outfit is a must have for the holiday season. A look usually associated with summer and translated with modernity for the colder months: wearing white in the winter season is an unmissable and elegant trend. In fact, this winter, from cream white to off-white outwear, suits, knitwear, accessories and shoes are dyed with this bright and cool nuance. To impress with candour and allure, we recommend dressing in white from head to toe: you'll definitely receive a style award during the magical, upcoming holiday season. It’s time to dare with a white look for a phenomenal result.