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Manuel Otgianu

Blogger, traveler, fashion and design lover. Manuel Otgianu is a dreamer, he loves life and what lies in it, even the smallest and simplest gem. Keep on reading to find out how he manages to compound his passion with his lifestyle, and what his thoughts about social media and the world of content creators are!

Hi Manuel! We'd like you to tell us about how you've arrived to where you’re now: from your very first steps into blogging to your success, including social networks.

I'm a creative, an idealist and a dreamer. I've always been into cameras and editing applications, constantly seeking for the latest news. It was this passion for photography that led me to create an Instagram profile, actually. Then, I thought: ‘Given all these opportunities, I’ll surely find out what I'd like to do’. So I decided to move to Milan, my favourite Italian city, and there my creative process started. This was the best choice I could ever make. Some years ago I decided to open, a place where I can talk about my love of menswear, lifestyle, travel, and also where I can complain about how I miss summer! (Laughs, E.D.). It's an opportunity to test myself: it’s of course challenging, but also rewarding, and I couldn't ask for anything better.

Manuel Otgianu

Fashion is art, art is design, and vice versa. These three fields co-exist, as does my passion for them.

What do you like about your job, and what not so much?

I like the fact that I can communicate in such a personal and direct way, just by using photography. I don't like people who take things for granted, also in their personal life.

Is there a particular secret, or some skills, that you can attribute to becoming a good blogger? Or is it enough to follow your heart and write about anything you like?

Curiosity is a gift. I say, do as much as possible: travel, discover and learn.

Is there a content creator you follow and who’s an inspiration for what you do now?

I usually draw inspiration from who’s not a content creator. I know people that’ve a true sensitivity of their own and a unique vision in communicating through social media platforms.

Remaining on blogging, what kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to start one, especially if it’s fashion/lifestyle-related?

Rework, interpret, adopt a rebellious attitude and, of course, remember that 'Less is more'. Always. Don't accept every collaboration proposal. Don't see everything in an aesthetic or economical way: each one of your content needs to represent your identity. With my blog and Instagram feed I tend to narrate a slice of my life, and I also offer an effective and realistic vision.

You write also about art and design events. Which of this events impressed you the most, lately?

During the latest Milan Design Week, I appreciated how many brands have embraced a 'green' philosophy, creating works by using recycled and eco-friendly materials. I can't wait to see this year’s news.

Do you have a preference between art, fashion and design? What, in each of these fields, fascinates you the most?

Fashion is art, art is design, and vice versa. These three fields co-exist, as does my passion for them.

You have 132K followers on Instagram. What’s your relationship with social networks, and and what’re your thoughts on them?

As I said before, curiosity is a gift. Social networks allow me to find new things every day, and this is what I love.

You’ve collaborated with many different fashion brands. How's working with them? What’s the relationship between a brand and an influencer of your caliber? And which of this collaborations did you enjoy the most?

I started from collaborating with smaller brands and ended up working with the most relevant ones in the industry. My modus operandi is always the same. I just want the best when I create content, and I expect the same from the people I collaborate with. There’s only one rule: turn what you like into creativity. With that said, I’m very happy with how things are going.

Focusing on fashion, how’d you describe your style?

Minimal, yet sophisticated. Simple, yet detailed. If it’s well structured, it can have a higher impact, even more than that of expensive outfits. Believe me, it's not as simple as it seems.

Is there a trend you follow or that you like particularly?

I draw inspiration from walking on the streets or looking at male icons from the past! We could say that everything around me is inspiring.

What must-have items can’t be missing from your wardrobe, and why?

Black trousers of any material, length and occasion of use. A blue coat, preferably oversized, and a pair of moccasins. For a minimal style, it’s essential.

In conclusion, let's go back to your job. What’re the top 3 moments of your career?

Every new project’s beginning is at the first place.

Is there any goal you’d like to achieve in the future? A dream still not realised that’d make you smile?

I don't like thinking about the future, I’m more of a live in the moment guy. As for the present, I’m happy that you contacted me for this interview. I promise I'll let you know about what will make me smile, as soon as it happens! (Laughs, E.D.)

I like the fact that I can communicate in such a personal and direct way, just by using photography.