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Lorenzo Bises

Lorenzo Bises, influencer with 58K followers on Instagram, is today’s protagonist on In between strolls down the streets of Milan, Lorenzo told us of his love for this city, the garments that can’t be missing from his wardrobe, and the latest goal he’s reached. What’re you waiting for? Get to know him up close and personal by reading this exclusive interview!

Milan is your great love: each and every day, you talk about its most secret and beautiful corners on your social media channels. Recently, you’ve also published your first book dedicated to the city of the Madonnina. Would you care to tell us something about this project of yours and the relationship you entertain with Milan? Is there a place in the city you’re particularly attached to? If so, what is it?

Milan is my great love, more than anything else I always felt like I was destined to live in this city. Over the years I’ve thought about moving and seeking my fortune elsewhere, but in the end I’ve always come back here. I was born in Rome, but a part of my family on my mother’s side is Milanese, and I ended up living here. We shall see what happens next, but I think that I’ll never leave. The book is an incredible goal, a goal I didn’t think I’d reach to be honest with you. It took me a year to write the book, and in that time I walked down the city visiting my favourite spots and also discovering places I had never been to. One of my all-time favourite places is la Rotonda della Besana. I always go back there with great pleasure, because it reminds me of my childhood. Moreover, I think it’s the symbol of a less seen and talked about side of town, a more spontaneous Milan. It also tells the story of the city and its evolution.


Milan is my great love, more than anything else I always felt like I was destined to live in this city.

If Milan were a person, how would it dress?

If Milan were a person, I think it’d dress in a classical yet very personal way – well, I believe it already dresses like this actually. Mixing genders, occasions and, more importantly, accessories, and always creating that unique flair this city doesn’t and will never lack of.

What’re the must haves or, as you call them, ‘the essentials’ everyone should have in their wardrobe?

Generally speaking, I think my wardrobe’s must have is the loden coat, which can be either blue or green, depending on the season and what you prefer. Surely a really fresh oversized shirt for summer, and a nice pair of moccasins, which can be dressed down with a T-shirt or a pair of jeans. To top it all off, a beautiful brooch that’ll give a touch of personality to your look, it doesn’t matter if it’s really precious or something you found in a market for an euro.