Special Project

We at TheCorner.com welcome you to the sustainability corner

The new corner you’ve all been waiting for is finally here, welcome to the sustainability corner! We at TheCorner.com felt that it was our duty and need to fulfill a dedicated section that could highlight the brands and designers fully committed to the safeguard of our planet throughout every process in the making of luxury items. In this special green corner, you can find brands such as Mansur Gavriel, Veja, Melissa, Shrimps, Good News and many more. With everyone consciously attempting to make strides in being eco-friendly nowadays, what better and simpler way than through your wardrobe. You can find not only your basic garments, but swimwear to bags and shoes. Items you’d never know were sustainable otherwise, like the long-time favourite Falabella tote bag by Stella McCartney, will shock and fool any fashionista. Feel good knowing that they’re sustainably sourced, made of recycled materials and comfortable organic fabrics and, of course, doing good for both you and the planet. Finally, splurge on something you can actually feel good about! Once you start, you won’t be able to stop.