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Thomas Camorani

A young promise of cinema and entertainment, an emerging social star and a very young dreamer: it’s Thomas Camorani, and and he told us at TheCornerZine about the journey that led him to success, passing through many difficulties along the way. Read on to learn more!

Hi Thomas! You’re an actor, influencer and model. Can you tell us a little more about your journey, starting from the very beginning? What led you to do all of these things, and how have you evolved over time?

My path started at the age of 10 within the fashion industry: back then, I did some shoots and local shows. Then my passion for cinema began, I did several workshops in Rome and lessons with a director for almost a month.During this whole period, I also practiced football, a passion of mine from the age of 4. Unfortunately, at the age of 15 I was diagnosed with a disease that forced me to stop playing football and, with this, the hospital became my home for two years. It was in my hospital room that I started to become even more passionate about the world of cinema and social networks, I felt that when I got out of there I had to tell everyone about my experience and how much it had changed my life. I remember that in the hospital, when I was alone, I tried to play roles as if I were in a movie. Later on, at the age of 17, I created my Instagram profile and, within 6 months, I already had 40K followers. In the meantime, thanks to a friend of mine, I also created a TikTok profile and, on there too, within 3 months I reached 100,000 followers. Meanwhile, as I had to put fashion and cinema aside, I mainly focused my attention on social networks. Up until in April 2019, I auditioned for a Netflix original series and, in June, I found myself on the set of the wonderful tv series ‘Summertime’. It all happened by chance, but it still happened because I wanted it.

Thomas Camorani

You have to know how to go on and always believe in it, so you can get everything... but not immediately.and the bass, and I learned to produce.

Between these fields, what one do you feel like you’re better at? What one do you have more difficulty with?

The area I’m better in is undoubtedly that of cinema: on the set I feel at home, or better, I really want to go back to being on set as soon as possible. I have many goals and I will achieve them by giving more than 100%. The area in which I find myself less at ease, for now, is fashion, because I haven't been on a shoot, or on a catwalk, in a long time, but it’s a world that I really enjoy, so I know I’ll do it again soon!

You’re very young, yet you’ve had remarkable success and a promising career so far. What do you think about the fact that today, compared to the past and as many say, young people can get everything immediately? Do you think that's true? What do you like about the approach of working in this day in age?

I think it’s the classic phrase used by those who don’t accept their past: why say that we can get everything immediately? It’s absolutely not true! It all depends on us and our willpower. I’ve fought 8 years to get where I’m now, despite all the challenges I’ve encountered throughout my path. You have to know how to go on and always believe in it, so you can get everything...but not immediately. One thing that I’ve learned in the past is the value of money. Which many young people don’t know today, as they spend their parents' life savings on a pair of designer shoes just to show them off. This brings me a lot of sadness, I believe the value of a person isn’t based upon the things/objects they possess. I’ll admit that I enjoy dressing in luxury brands, but I never asked my mother for money, I spend what I earn in moderation.

You’ve also had to give up on some of your dreams, such as football and the possibility of joining the Juventus team. Do you still regret those missed opportunities, or are you happy because life has led you where you are now? If you could go back in time, would you try to be a football player again?

I can't hide the fact that I miss football, but I have no regrets. I think everything happens for a reason: maybe I’d be now playing football, but I could never have had the experiences I’ve lived through cinema and social media. So, no, I wouldn’t go back. Since everything I’ve created and done is because of what’s happened in my past.

Is there anything new you’d like to experience? What would attract you about it, and what would push you to do it?

No, now I have to focus on cinema, social and fashion, nothing more as I think it’d be too much. Also, because I think that trying something else now would make me lose my bearings on what I'm already doing.

Has anyone in your life encouraged or inspired you to do what you do? A friend, an acquaintance, or a personality linked to the world of entertainment, like a musician or artist?

As for the world of cinema, and I know it may sound weird, my favourite personalities have always been Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi and Fabio De Luigi. I love their comedy and I think I’ve seen all their ‘cinepanettoni’ movies, but I’ve never had an idol that inspired me. I started from myself to make my dreams come true: I don't want to become a copy of my idols, that's why I don't take inspiration from anyone.

What have you learned that came in handy in the world of entertainment as a novice, and what do you think, on the other hand, a boy of just twenty years old like you has more, compared to older ones, considering the time we’re living in?

I learned a lot about how to behave on a set and, above all, how much it’s necessary to be professional and mature while working. I believe that an experience on a set, like the Netflix one, can be compared to 3 years of cinema theory. For me, being on the set really created addiction, I could’ve stayed there for years, because I had a great time and this made me understand that I want to be an actor. I know I’ve had two great experiences, but I want this to be just the beginning, so that I’ll be able to reach my goal: I have to focus on myself, and not on the fame of others.

If you could give some advice for success on the web, but also in the world of entertainment, what would you suggest?

Well, I’ll tell you the truth, sincerity has always rewarded me: I’ve never felt the need to fake it on the web, I’ve always been myself and everyone who follows me appreciates that, so a tip is to always be transparent and leave important messages to those who follow you. From the point of view of cinema, I think it's all much more subjective; I started without anyone saying anything to me, because I knew what I wanted and from there I improved on my own. I started by putting myself in front of my camera and filming for hours, while practicing on scenes. I think, in cinema, it's all about your willpower.

As for the ‘Summertime’ series, what should we expect? What do you think will impress the public the most?

Well, I think ‘Summertime’ is going to have huge success. It’s a remake of '‘Tre metri sopra il cielo’ (in English, ‘Three Steps over Heaven’), a movie that’s had enormous success and I don’t see why this shouldn’t match it; it will also deal with delicate themes and it’s precisely for this reason that I think everybody will enjoy it very much.

‘Summertime’ is a series based on teenagers and their relationships. Was it easy for you to identify with the mood of this TV series and the role you were playing? Or a challenge to connect with?

It was my first set and I didn't know how I would’ve found myself on it, but I must say that it wasn’t difficult to identify myself with the character.

What memories will you keep of this work experience? What did you like most and what did it add to your acting experience?

I think I’ll remember every moment spent on set. It’s enough for me to think of those moments and it makes me smile, I felt really great and it’ll be impossible for me to forget something like this. Learning from experience is the best thing and I hope to have similar, life-changing experiences in the future.

You seem very active on social media, especially on TikTok. What do you think of social networks in general, but above all, what do you think of this new application, TikTok? What features does it have that you enjoy and other social networks don’t have?

I think TikTok is an app that allows you to really do everything, starting from the funny videos up to the ones I make, called POV (point of view): they’re read aloud and scripted, and it allows me to express my passion for cinema. Unfortunately, on Tok Tok success is random, for example a TikTok video of mine can reach 10,000 likes and the one after 100,000 likes, and this is something that I don't like too much, I hope it’ll be resolved in the long run.

Moving on to fashion, I'd like to know if you have some must-haves that you always wear, and why you consider them indispensable. Also, do you have a particular style that distinguishes you from others, and do you follow trends?

I love fashion, I go from streetwear clothes, with brands like Off-White (which is my favourite streetwear brand), to formal ones, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani and Valentino. A style that I like very much is tight jeans combined with a turtleneck sweater. Honestly, clothes, shoes and jewelry drive me crazy! I think I own 15 pairs of shoes, but I always end up wearing the same pair. One thing I can't live without is my watch. I must always have it on. By the way, I bought all of the things I have with the money I earned working!

Since you’re a model as well, I was wondering if you had a particular relationship with fashion, meaning if you’d like to continue to work in it. Perhaps, collaborating with some particular brands (and if so, what would it be and why) or even creating your own line of accessories or clothes.

When I was in the hospital, at the age of 16, I created a clothing brand with my best friend, Leonardo Carapia. He’s the only one who’s always been there for me, supporting me in everything. He’s more like a brother to me. The brand went very well, but after 5 months we decided to stop, because we could no longer keep up with it. However, it was a wonderful experience. My biggest dream about fashion is to be able to work with Dolce & Gabbana and Armani.

If you could put your three best moments of your career on a podium, what would they be?

In third place, I’d put the first event I did thanks to social media, an unforgettable moment. In second place, I’d put the experience of playing in a Netflix film. For first place, without a doubt, the experience that will remain etched in my head for ever is the Netflix series, and here I can only thank Andrea Lattanzi and Ludovico Tersigni, they were my older brothers during the filming of the series and they made me learn a lot. I will never forget them.

With a full life ahead of you and many dreams/desires to fulfill, what would make you the happiest in achieving?

All my dreams have become goals. This is because when you want something, setting a goal is enough to get it. Usually I never reveal my goals, I keep them to myself, but today I'll tell you one: the next goal I want to achieve is to star in a film as the main character. I’m giving myself a timeline of one year maximum to make it happen.

For me, being on the set really created addiction, I could’ve stayed there for years, because I had a great time and this made me understand that I want to be an actor.