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Valentina Siragusa

Her name is Valentina, she’s a Digital Content Creator and, with 126K followers on Instagram, she’s among the most loved Italians on the internet. The secret of her great success? She’s never compromised, preserving her identity. If you want to find out everything you need to know about Valentina Siragusa, keep on reading this interview!

First of all, what was your first experience in the fashion world?

In 2009, when I created my blog, I used to hunt for trends, collect fashion magazines, cut images and make moodboards. Occasionally, I felt the need to have something that was mine alone, and then I created it myself. I’ve always liked to play with my image, letting my clothes speak for me. In fact, that's how magazines started talking about me, through street style!

Valentina Siragusa

I’ve always liked to play with my image, letting my clothes speak for me.

Speaking of fashion, digital talents and creators, how would you define the Italian scene?

Creativity represents a completely unique way of looking at the world. It’s the potential to see beyond what lies before our eyes, and Italy is made of art and artists, photographers, graphic designers and video makers.

Having said that, what was the moment when you thought: 'Wow, I made it!'?

Never! For me, it’s a continuous evolution: I started out as a stylist, then I created a blog where I used to write about trends, after which I understood that the most effective way to communicate my vision is through myself. I grew up, and continue to grow, in this world that will throw a lot of difficult challenges your way and then give you an incredible satisfaction. So, no, I never thought I made it!

Valentina, let's take a step back. Do you think that someone, so to speak, had a fundamental role in the creation of your image, inspiring and influencing your style choices?

To be honest with you, no. I’m inspired by nature and the colours in Wes Anderson's films, but I’ve never had a reference character.

What are the obstacles you’ve faced along the way?

Being a person who doesn’t fight for success, but to be herself. Sometimes you have to compromise and I never do, because first of all I want to be myself.

Do you have a piece of advice for those who really want to stand out, creating their own style?

Look in the mirror, look inside yourself: there’s no fashions or trends, you exist and so does what makes you feel good, what makes you feel unique.

What are the projects, or collaborations, that have particularly enriched you, giving you the greatest satisfaction?

I prefer to name names! Having met Antonio Marras, who’s one of the few remaining artists in the fashion world, was an honour. His world is like a fairy tale, and I’m grateful that he’s allowed me to be a part of it.

Speaking of style and trends, how could we describe your signature look?


You travel a lot for work, and your life is nothing but short of hectic. What do you always carry with you? How about the one thing you forget at home every time?

I always bring my father's black cashmere sweater with me, which I stole from his closet when I was about 14 years old, and I always forget my pyjamas.

Speaking of sustainability, how do you think fashion can and should contribute to protecting the environment?

'Climate change' is not just an ecological issue. First of all, it has to do with respect, a respect that must start from the care of the simplest things. An example for the world of fashion is British designer Stella McCartney, who’s been a pioneer in the field of sustainable fashion, building a brand entirely based on ethical principles and respect for the environment. A brand that’s grown rapidly, first under the wing of Kering and today autonomously, which has shown how it’s possible to create a sustainable and profitable business at the same time. Stella McCartney is a brand projected towards future generations, for those who want to live in harmony and without false hypocrisy.

You’re co-founder of 'jiffycrew', an agency that deals with social media management and content production. What pushed you to embark on this adventure?

It was my great passion for creativity that pushed me. After all, being in front of the camera may not be enough. I managed to create a small great team: Alessandro Gerbino and Priscilla Arcuri are a part of it, and without them jiffycrew wouldn’t exist. We have different roles, but we share a deep sense of respect. To date, jiffycrew is giving me a lot of satisfaction: we’re working on really important projects, which will be released soon. Guys, I’ll never get tired of repeating myself: the love for what you do is everything, as well as the trust in your team!

With over 126K followers, you have a considerable following. What do you think the positive and negative aspects of social networks are? How do you react to online criticism? Do you sometimes feel the need to take a break by doing a 'social media detox'?

I have an excellent relationship with social networks: I can distinguish work, that’s my passion, from private life. As for criticism, to date I receive very few. My followers are interested in knowing my style, my passions and inspirations, but I’ve always kept my private life separate, being a very private person.

Valentina, if you could change something about the Italian creative industry, what would it be?

The love for what you do.

Despite your great success, is there still a dream you’d like to fulfill?

Yes, creating a capsule collection!

To conclude, if you could go back in time, would you do something differently?

I have a great, great passion for flowers...

Look in the mirror, look inside yourself: there’s no fashions or trends, you exist and so does what makes you feel good, what makes you feel unique.