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Marta Sanchez Castañeda

An eclectic individual: jet setter, model, fashion designer, founder and creative director, but most importantly a radiating and blushing bride to be, meet Marta Sanchez Castañeda. Who was lovely enough to take time out of her busy work and travel schedule with her company, ‘Kids of A Broken Future’ to do an exclusive interview with TheCornerZine. Letting us in to learn more about the beautiful mind and human behind her stunning photos on instagram (@martathegout), read on more to learn for yourself!

First, congratulations on founding and launching your own fashion brand! Talk me through the process of bringing and beginning your passion of ‘Kids of Broken Future’ to life.

I always knew I wanted to work in fashion. I started modeling at the age of 18, while I was studying fashion design at the BAU University in Barcelona. I had the opportunity to travel the world for work, and I took a break from university to move to places like China, Hong Kong, Milan and Los Angeles. One thing that allowed me to expand my view of the fashion world, be more eclectic, meet many interesting people and, above all, to define my imaginary as a creative. A part of me is affected by every part of the world in which I lived, and this is reflected in my collections. After finishing university, I went to New York and decided to try and launch my brand. Which became reality after meeting Elbio and thanks to the work we did together.


I couldn’t live without a vintage men’s suit jacket and an oversize hoodie.

I’m super curious about how the name ‘Kids of Broken Future’ was developed. Where does it come from and what’s the meaning behind it?

The name comes from my final degree project, which was developed about how the society of 2050 will dress. I wanted to represent, in a real way, the society of the future, coming out of the utopian or dystopian stereotypes of the future that we see in cinema or literature. And I understood, after that investigation, that our future is not going to be easy (especially, if we don’t do anything against it). KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE is a brand focused on the youngest generation of our society, the kids who are going to live in the future, in that broken future.

Would you say that being from Spain has influenced your brand in any way?

Possibly, I really don’t know. I have an eclectic mind. I’ve been traveling alone around the world since I was 19 years old, and I think my brand has been influenced by a bit of every experience and every place I’ve been to.

What do you envision for the future of your brand?

Doing events for KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE around the world: LA, Milan, Berlin; and creating that community we aim to be. We are also starting a sustainable path at the design level that we want to have a 100% sustainable collection in two seasons. It’s our small contribution for a better world.

If there was one thing you would change about the Fashion Industry, what would it be? And why?

I don’t know if I would change anything. There are bad things in the fashion industry, as the fast fashion, their overproduction or their human exploitation, but I think the world is on a point of change. Everything is changing, and the fashion industry with it, people are more conscious of what’s happening and are actively against it. We’re living with big changes already that have reshaped completely the fashion system. Instagram, being the first, in which we communicate as individuals and as a fashion brand. Through this, fashion no longer belongs to a small bourgeois environment: now, it’s a kid’s thing. It’s been held, for many decades, by a bourgeoisie, and that’s never changed or evolved because our social structure has kept it that way. Until this moment, where youth also wants to feel part of the fashion world. They want to search, consume, react and talk about it, even without being present at the shows, or on the playing field.

You got your start in fashion as a model, but have a background and degree in Fashion Design from Bau University of Design. Tell me, have you always known you wanted to be a fashion designer since you were a little girl? Or when did you know?

Actually, I began my career as a model while I started studying fashion design. There I realized, for the first time, that the world of fashion was the one where I wanted to be. I started studying fashion design, but with the intention of ending up working in communication, as an editor at a magazine or stylist. Wanting to work as a designer and having my own brand came later. When I finished the final project, I realized the entire creative and research process of designing and creating a collection was very intense, but worth all the effort to feel the final satisfaction. In that moment, I realized that was what I wanted to do.

Tell me, how did your career in modeling start?

This moment gives me a lot of embarrassment (Laughs, E.D). It's a cliche story, but that's how it happened. I was in a club with some friends, I was 17 or 18 years old and a boy approached me, asking if I was a model. I told him “NO”, turning around and thinking he wanted to flirt with me. He realized my attitude, I think, because he continued saying "I'm gay, I do not want to flirt with you, but I have a model agency and, if you're interested, this is my card”. If you want to know more, I went to his agency, I started working with them in Barcelona and then I traveled around the world.

Being a model, you have to stay very fit. Tell me how do you stay so active and keep a toned physique? Is there a certain fitness regimen you follow?

I always try to eat healthy, although sometimes it’s difficult traveling so much. I try to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week minimum, we do that even if we travel. It’s good to kill jet lag and, above all, it makes you feel better after, and I love that feeling. I don’t follow any diet: at home I cook, so I always cook healthy. Although we aren’t vegans/vegetarians, at home we don’t consume meat, so it’s a way to not exceed with some foods that are not really good. When we travel, it’s always more difficult to control what we eat, but I always try to choose well and compensate with some work out.

You’ve gotten to travel and see the world with modeling. So, tell me what’s your favourite city you’ve visited?

I have lived in China, Hong Kong, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, New York…and have visited many cities for work. I don’t know if I have a favourite city, every city was a different and amazing experience, as a model I enjoyed every city and every trip. But in the moment I’m living now with my brand, I have LA more and more in my head. I think it’s a key city for fashion and I also love the vibe, the people and the way of living there.

You’re from Barcelona, but now live in Milan. What do you miss the most about your homeland? And what made you decide to move and live in Milan?

What I miss the most are my friends (although, some have also moved to Milan) and especially the beach. My favourite places are those where I used to go to eat or to have a glass of wine after work in front of the beach. For me, that’s my peace. I try to go there often and enjoy those small moments. And I moved to Milan for love. My boyfriend Elbio is half Italian-half Argentinian and he was born and raised in Milan. I moved here after one month and a half of dating. I fell in love so easily, and it wasn’t so difficult for him to convince me (Laughs, E.D).

What are your thoughts on social media? Are you a very active person on them? What’s the social network you use the most and why?

I think social networks are a good showcase, either for a brand or for me, as a designer or as a ‘model’. In the case of a brand, it’s the best way to get known, to promote the brand and to interact with your audience. In my case, it allows me to connect with brands in a different way. I no longer work as a model, but now brands are looking for something else, they’re looking for profiles that represent them and have something to tell and that's where I come in. And yes, I’m a very active person on Instagram, I consider it as a part of my job, I manage the @kidsofbrokenfuture Instagram and also mine (@martathegout), but it’s the only social network I use right now.

Let's talk fashion. How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t have a single word that can describe my personal style. I think it’s a bit eclectic like me. I love to wear my boyfriend’s clothes (pants, T-shirts, shirts and jackets) and also to have a ‘sexy, feminine approach’, all together. Sort of defined as ‘sexy, feminine boyfriend's touch’ (Laughs, E.D).

What’s the one item you can’t live without?

I couldn’t live without a vintage men’s suit jacket and an oversize hoodie.

Is there a fashion trend that’s resurfaced you really enjoy?

I really love the new suit-sport mix. For me, a perfect look would be a men’s suit jacket, an oversize hoodie (from KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE, of course) or T-shirt, my boyfriend’s jeans and a cool pair of sneakers. I love to play, mixing the men’s suit jacket with everything; with a formal dress for a party or an event, with a sporty outfit, or even alone, as a dress, with stilettos.

One last thing…close your eyes, what do you envision in your near future?

I see myself traveling a lot with my boyfriend, for work, for our brand. I see myself married, with the man of my life, in a few months at Burning Man. I still don’t realize the fact I’m getting married! But I’m super excited and I know it’s the best decision of my life.

I’ve been traveling alone around the world since I was 19 years old, and I think my brand has been influenced by a bit of every experience and every place I’ve been to.