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Off White is the brand created by Virgil Abloh. Born in 1980, he is one of the most followed and loved designer by his generation: the millennials. Why this success? Perhaps because of being in close contact with Kanye West? Perhaps because he managed to perfectly combine streetwear style with the world of luxury? Perhaps thanks to his always successful collaborations with brands such as Nike, Jimmy Choo and Timberland to name a few? Surely his success he owes to himself and his immense ability to be an individual, calling himself ‘multi-dash': who thinks quickly and especially of several things at the same time.

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Cotton hoodie

$746.00 $522.00 -30%

Checked cotton shirt

$299.00 $209.00 -30%

Cotton crew-neck sweatshirt

$545.00 $381.00 -30%

Short sleeve cotton shirt

$525.00 $367.00 -30%

Nylon swim shorts

$315.00 $220.00 -30%

Cotton bomber jacket

$1,675.00 $1,172.00 -30%

Cotton hoodie

$565.00 $395.00 -30%

Wool straight-leg trousers

$785.00 $549.00 -30%

Padded parka with hood

$2,600.00 $1,819.00 -30%

Wool poncho

$1,015.00 $710.00 -30%

Jacquard sweater

$1,285.00 $899.00 -30%